Five Tibetan Rites to slow aging, increase energy, improve breathing, and strengthen neck, lower back, and core muscles.

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The Five Tibetans Ė Discover a Teacherís Insider Secrets eBook!

The Five Tibetans Ė Discover a Teacherís Insider Secrets eBook!

For the first time ever this e-Book (82 pages) reveals all the typical problems people experience in learning and practicing the Rites – and explains how to solve them!  The original book by Peter Kelder called 'The Eye of Revelation' did not contain any of this information, but is a great story of the discovery of the monks and their ancient secret of the Fountain of Youth.  

Now you can benefit from the extensive knowledge Carolinda and the T5T Instructors have gained in teaching thousands of students "The Five Tibetan Rites"

This e-Book is a virtual mine of information!  Find out:

  1. How to assess yourself and know for certain that you are doing the postures correctly
  2. Find out ALL the typical problems people have in learning the Rites - and discover ALL the solutions!
  3. It teaches you what NOT to do, to avoid strain & prevent muscular imbalances developing
  4. Learn the ideal warm-ups to do before practicing the Rites
  5. Discover the best way to breathe whilst doing the Rites
  6. Answers how fast you should do the Rites.  Fast, slow, very slow or ....?
  7. How to use unique affirmations to enhance your practice

NO-ONE needs to miss out.  With this e-Book EVERYONE CAN DO THE FIVE TIBETAN RITES!

It doesn't matter if you have never done yoga before. Whether you are unfit, of mature age or overweight.  This e-Book provides all the solutions and alternatives for EVERYBODY

And Receive for FREE!

  • "The Eye of Revelation"  e-Book (normally sold on the internet from $19.95 to $39.95 ) This 59 page e-book contains the original 1939 story of the discovery of the monks, by Peter Kelder


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