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Article Information
How to Get the Most Out of The Five Tibetans by Carolinda Witt

Image from Five Tibetans book (copyright

  • When you feel more energetic from doing T5T - will you still behave as if you are exhausted?
  • When you feel more powerful from doing T5T - will you use it - or will you keep making excuses?
  • When you feel stronger from doing T5T, will you continue to take the lift instead of walking up the stairs?
  • When you feel healthier from doing T5T - will you choose healthier foods or will you continue to eat junk food?

It is best to decide on your attitude before doing T5T. You will get out of it, what you believe you will get out of it!

What you believe is incredibly important. Think of the Universe as a giant photocopying machine. If you believe in ‘waiting and seeing' what T5T will do for you - that will be your experience. If you believe T5T will help you develop self-discipline and will impact positively in your life in every way - that will be your experience.

Invest Your Mental Energy
I’m sure you’ve seen old people who seem young, and young people who seem old long before their years? I get both groups in my classes. Greta was 80 years old when she came to my class. She was still working as a Translator in the judicial system and had this marvellous twinkle in her eye, and a hilarious sense of humour. She was a delight. Someone in my class joked; “I bet you get her to appear at all of your classes”! It was her attitude to life that had such a profound impact and gave hope to us all!

When we asked her how she remained so youthful, she said; “Life is like a garden. It’s up to you whether you plant flowers or weeds!”

My mother Tonie in her mid 80’s doesn’t take little steps - she strides. It makes her look purposeful and so much younger than her years. What’s more, she acts this way. Obviously the benefits of a positive pro-active approach to life, result in a fuller, richer life - compared to the ‘week and feeble’ viewpoint of aging, so perpetuated by our popular culture.

Invest a strong psychic energy into what you believe T5T will do for you. Enlist the power of your mind - make it as vivid as possible. Hold this image, visualisation works. If you believe you are old then you are.

A friend of mine roller bladed his way to a fancy dress party dressed as a clown. Unfortunately he lost his balance tripping over a rock and broke his leg. He went to hospital and was lying in the Emergency Ward when a 30-year-old nurse came in saying that she had to come and see it for herself. She couldn't believe what she had been told - that there really was a 54 year-old roller blader in a clown suit lying in bed No 3!

Act As If
If you are younger and aging hasn’t really been on your horizon yet, remember this; what you believe in today is who you become tomorrow.

We are all familiar with the term “you are as old as you feel”. Physical aging is inevitable, but by stimulating the energy counterpart of your body, you can feel and look much better. If you couple the known anti-aging effects of The Five Tibetan Rites and full natural breathing (T5T) with visualisation - you will exude an incredible essence and vitality. People will not see an aging body, but will see your essence and be attracted to it.

Have you ever seen an old person who knows this secret? People of all ages can exude this vitality too. Look around - they do exist. The old Tibetan monks are a good example, even the Dalai Lama himself. He looks young, doesn’t he? That’s his life energy! You too can transform yourself, bringing back a sparkle to your eyes, a spring into your step and an enthusiasm for living.

Develop strong, mental images of yourself as you desire to be - more youthful or more successful etc. Invest strong psychic energy in ‘seeing’ yourself exactly as you desire to be. Other's will begin to see you that way too.

Here’s a story I read about Marilyn Monroe, the 50’s sex idol. A friend was walking down the street with her one day, astonished that no-one was responding to her famous sex appeal. When he asked her about it, she just laughed and told him she could turn it on and off at will - and then gave him a demonstration. Turning on her full movie star razzle-dazzle, her famous sex appeal came visibly pouring out of her. Her whole body became alive, her skin glowed, her eyes lit up, and suddenly passers-by were staring and doing double takes. Marilyn was broadcasting the image of herself she had created!

How we SEE things is how IT IS.

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If you wish to publish this article on your website you may do so, provided that you assign copyright to the author exactly as written below:  A pdf is available on request.

Copyright (c) 2005 Carolinda Witt - author The Illustrated Five Tibetan Rites (Penguin/Lantern 2005) and The 10-Minute Rejuvenation Plan (Random House/Three Rivers Press 2007)


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