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Energy & Other Benefits of 'The Five Rites' Before You Start Practicing
The Ist Rite – The Spin The 2nd Rite - Leg Raise
The 3rd Rite - Kneeling Backbend The 4th Rite - Tabletop
The 5th Rite - Pendulum Breathing With ‘The Tibetan Rites’
General Practice & Health Info 6th Rite - Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth
Peter Kelder, Rites History & Research The Eye of Revelation, Chakras, Energy
Longevity, Anti-Aging Diet, Mantras Motivation, Long Term Practice

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James Hilton's Lost Horizon and the Eye of Revelation (part 1) by Jerry Watt Topic: Peter Kelder, Rites History & Research
It was late .... The eleven o’clock news was on but I was only half listening as I worked at my computer. A newscaster mentioned James Hilton’s classic novel, Lost Horizon, but I don’t know in what context. Then I caught something being said about a group of Tibetan lamas that had developed met...
Jan Jenson's Chakra Chart by Jan Jenson Topic: The Eye of Revelation, Chakras, Energy
According to the Tibetan lamas, the only difference between youth and old age is the spin rate of the chakras (the body's seven major energy centers).
Major-General Sir Wilfred Malleson a.k.a. Colonel Bradford by Jerry Watt Topic: Peter Kelder, Rites History & Research
As many of you know, I believe that Sir Wilfrid was the "Colonel Bradford" mentioned in the Eye of Revelation as the person who brought the Five Rites to the West.
Not Getting The Benefits From "The Five Tibetans" You Expected? by Carolinda Witt Topic: Motivation, Long Term Practice
I believe that the physical, emotional and mental benefits are all achieved on a scale. Some achieve those results at the lowest end of the scale - whilst others achieve them at varying degrees right to the highest level. The monks attribute these benefits to the increased flow of life-energy. Li...
Om (AUM) and The Five Tibetan Rites by Carolinda Witt Topic: Longevity, Anti-Aging Diet, Mantras
Peter Kelder who wrote about the adventures of Colonel Bradford in ‘Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth – Book 2” quotes Bradford as saying, “When intoned correctly (Om) has a very powerful stimulating effect on the pineal gland, which is related to the seventh and highest vortex.” He cautions h...
Possible Detox Effects of The 5 Tibetan Rites by Carolinda Witt Topic: General Practice & Health Info
Due to the increased elimination of impurities and wastes, and increased oxygen in your body, you may experience some minor detox effects. You could also experience some unblocking of the human energy system (chi, qi, prana etc). Some people experience no symptoms at all, while others experience o...
Should The Heels Touch The Floor During The 5th Rite of "The Fiv by Carolinda Witt Topic: The 5th Rite - Pendulum
Many yoga postures are derived from observing the movement of animals. Rite No 5 is a very common yoga posture known as Downward Dog or Adho Mukha Svanasana in Sanskrit. It resembles a dog stretching after a nap. In today's terms; having the heels elevated off the floor is a classic beginner's ve...
Should We Breathe Through the Nose or the Mouth When Practicing by Carolinda Witt Topic: Breathing With ‘The Tibetan Rites’
You should breathe only through the nose. The nose is designed for breathing. The nose is the first line of defense, warning you of harmful smells, and trapping and filtering out particles and bacteria. When you breathe through your nose, it is easier to regulate your breathing rate and depth. When ...
Should You Practice The Five Tibetan Rites When Menstruating? by Carolinda Witt Topic: General Practice & Health Info
The monks who practiced the original Rites were celibate and male. There were no instructions given regarding menstruation! However, my experience and the feedback of many of the women I have taught, is that T5T seems to improve the symptoms of menstruation. Some women report less bloating, moodine...
Spin Direction Error in “The Eye of Revelation” by Peter Kelder by Carolinda Witt Topic: The Ist Rite – The Spin
For those readers, who believe “The Eye of Revelation” contains the exact words of the monks, Bradford/Kelder’s error is a salient reminder that it was a WESTERNER who interpreted the monks’ teachings and brought them back to the West.
Displaying 11 to 20 (of 32 articles) Result Pages: [<< Prev]   1  2  3  4  [Next >>] 
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Energy & Other Benefits of 'The Five Rites' (1)
Before You Start Practicing (2)
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The 2nd Rite - Leg Raise
The 3rd Rite - Kneeling Backbend (1)
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The 5th Rite - Pendulum (1)
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