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Testimonial by   Maryanne Volicek

"I was diagnosed with cancer in early 2002 and underwent surgery that left me exhausted and debilitated. I soon decided that I needed to do whatever possible to speed the recovery process and sought help in complimentary medicine. I have been a patient of Dr. Qi Xin Chen for over 8 months. Dr Chen has a Master of Health from NSW University and is currently studying for his PHD in traditional Chinese Medicine, specializing in boosting T Cells to combat cancer. After I attended the T5T workshop and learnt The Five Tibetans & Energy Breathing Techniques, Dr. Chen was absolutely astonished at the overall improvement in my Qi (Chee). He asked me to demonstrate the postures and breathing that I had learnt and suggested that due to the astounding changes that had taken place in my body in such a short period of time, that I should continue with the T5T exercises. This together with the acupuncture and meditation I had already commenced were in his opinion, the reason for my rapid recovery."

    Testimonial by    Yaja Shlep from USA

I need to share with you my experience with the 5 Rites (or 6...). Usually the results in the testimonials are subjective and reflecting the personal feeling or opinion of the practitioner. 
I have empiric results that are quantitative and objective:
Due to my heart condition, my cardiologist have me doing echocardiogram of the heart every 3-6 months. On December 2009 I had a a small degradation with my results so I started to perform the 5 Rites religiously every day with 21 repetitions + warm-up + 10 minutes relaxation.
I did a second echocardiogram a week ago (after 4 months) and I talked with my cardiologist yesterday. He was surprised with the results. For example:
  1. The thickness of the wall of the heart normal values are 6mm - 11mm. On December my measurements were 12mm (above the normal) last week, the measurements were 10mm NORMAL
  2. The  LVIDD Left Ventricular Internal Dimension normal values are 37mm - 56mm.  On December my measurements were 59mm (above the normal) last week, the measurements were 48 mm NORMAL
I was astonished to see such improvement in 4 months and the cardiologist said it is remarkable, especially that I am 55 years young.
Testimonial by   Paul Wilson, bestselling author of "The Little Book of Calm"

Little Book of Calm by Paul WilsonI never thought it would be possible to gain more energy and become more relaxed in only 10 minutes a day. But T5T manages just that. Amazing."

    Testimonial by    Tory Davidson, Registered T5T Instructor, Holistic Kinesiologist, Skin Therapist from Young, NSW, Australia

T5T Instructor - Tory DavidsonAs a Holistic Kinesiologist I encourage visualizations and meditations. I also offer the idetox program within my Clinic. With this procedure my clients are required to be stationary for at least 30 minutes, and so it was a perfect opportunity to incorporate meditation within the treatment. For this I use Carolinda Witt's audio CD, which includes three meditations that focus on the Breath. The response from my clients has been of total relaxation and awareness of the power of the "Healing Breath". They just love it and have commented how wonderful it is to just STOP and BREATHE!!!!!!!!!

Testimonial by   John Gray author of "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus"

Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus by John Gray..."T5T is an incredible and powerful program. It turns back the clock. It increases your energy, mental clarity and focus. It reduces stress, and improves strength and flexibility. It is capable of restoring your passion and zest for life if you let it. I highly recommend it for anyone willing to improve their life."...

Testimonial by   Kaye Gartner - Accupuncture, M. Health Science (TCM), Fellow AAC

"I have practiced T5T in the bedroom, at the beach, in the park; when travelling, when tired, when I didn’t really want to. My reward is a body that is lean and toned, with energy to spare. It has helped me manage peri menopausal symptoms of tiredness and low energy with ease. This is why I recommend T5T to my patients."

Testimonial by   Anita Boser - author of "Relieve Stiffness and Feel Young Again with Undulation"

Relieve Stiffness and Feel Young Again with Undulation by Anita Boser "When I read the Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth years ago I was intrigued by the incredible results that readers achieved.  However, the exercises were too difficult for me and I hurt my shoulder doing the fourth and fifth ones.  Fast forward five years and I come across T5T: The 10-Minute Rejuvenation Plan.  From day one, I was able to follow the plan from the book and do the exercises every day.  I feel great!

Not only does the author break the exercises into steps that reduce the risk of injury, she includes core strength and breathing exercises that make the movements accessible to people who live in an industrial society.  After all, we don't have the lifestyle of Tibetan monks.  I also like the warm up exercises in the book, which help me prepare for hiking and jogging.

While these are exercises for the body and they do add strength and flexibility, the biggest impact is on my energy level. I get a sense of jubilation and feeling of being carefree that lasts through the day.

I highly recommend this book for people of all activity levels.  If you are too tired, this plan will give you energy.  If you already are active, this is a wonderful complement to any exercise program. "...

Testimonial by   Susan Hayward - Author of ďA Guide for the Advanced Soul"

A Guide To The Advance Soul by Susan Hayward"I have practised yoga for many years but after having a baby (my third child) I needed some exercise that would put me back in shape and that took as little time as possible to do! T5T has been exactly what I needed. Now If I miss a day or two, I feel unbalanced, uncentred and low energy. They are so simple, yet so powerful in their effect. Thank you Carolinda!"

    Testimonial by    Brian Fogerty - Airline Pilot from Ireland

..."I am about a month into the T5T program and a quick thank you too you and yours for putting together an excellent package. I work as an Airline pilot and finding the benefits both from core muscle development and breathing exercises."...

Testimonial by   Anni Casey - Accredited Natural Therapist, Massage, Meditation, Kinesiology

"I attended a workshop to learn the 5 Tibetan Rites and the teacher rushed through the Rites without giving consideration to technique or to performing the Rites safely. I was disappointed as I learnt nothing and therefore wasted my money. Not giving up hope, I searched the Web for books or DVD’s on the Rites. Fortunately I found Carolinda Witt’s T5T. The book is beautifully presented with a complete explanation of the background to the 5 Tibetan Rites and detailed pictures of each Rite broken down into steps. All the safety aspects and different fitness levels are addressed. I have found the companion DVD wonderful as it guides you through each week so that you flow naturally to the next level. If you are looking to learn the 5 Tibetan Rites, look no further – this is everything you need to gain an understanding of the Rites and perform them effectively. "

Testimonial by   Libby Ross - Registered Osteopath & Registered T5T Instructor

T5T Instructor - Libby Ross‘As an osteopath I was looking for an exercise routine that incorporated mind, body and spirit - something that was going to give me energy, strength and flexibility. I spend a lot of time bending over a bench and need good core stability to support my lower back, and T5T has given me this. As an osteopath I see many people injure themselves doing exercise they are not in condition for. However, what I like about T5T is that it is a gradual step by step program, taught safely and under close supervision. This enables gradual strength, flexibility, and core stability to develop - thereby minimising the risk of injury. The breathing and relaxation techniques compliment the rites and provide a solid platform for increased body and mind connection. These benefits combined with the ancient wisdom make T5T a powerful daily ritual and I recommend it to all my patients and anyone who wants improved health and vitality.’

Testimonial by   Lynda Santich Ė Pre-School Teacher, Entrepreneur Natural Health Industry, Registered T5T Instructor (& mother of three children)

T5T Instructor - Lynda Santich"My chiropractor recommended that I learn T5T to improve my health. I used to experience a feeling that I couldn't breathe before learning the Energy Breathing method in T5T. The very first moment I started practising it, I felt that I could at last draw a full breath. This was a very rewarding experience for me. Within 3 months of practising T5T I was able to give up my use of Ventolin. My constant neck pain has completely cleared up and I feel stronger physically and mentally than I have for years. Being involved in the health industry has enabled me to seek out many alternatives to improve my health and wellbeing, but none have been as profound as practising T5T daily. The health benefits for me personally have been enormous; increased flexibility, stronger neck, back and abdominals, huge improvements in my breathing patterns, and increased mental clarity and focus. I believe T5T is the perfect complement to any health care system that people may have already chosen. "

    Testimonial by    Susie Lapin - Physiotherapist from Sydney, Australia

"Users of this book will build up strength and flexibility if they follow Carolinda’s graded step to step plan – with mastery of each stage an essential goal before moving on to the next level of difficulty. The sections on breathing and core stability are a vital part of this program. The instructions are very clear and the use of many photographs makes this book easy to follow and a pleasure to use. "

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