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Testimonial by   Maryanne Volicek

"I was diagnosed with cancer in early 2002 and underwent surgery that left me exhausted and debilitated. I soon decided that I needed to do whatever possible to speed the recovery process and sought help in complimentary medicine. I have been a patient of Dr. Qi Xin Chen for over 8 months. Dr Chen has a Master of Health from NSW University and is currently studying for his PHD in traditional Chinese Medicine, specializing in boosting T Cells to combat cancer. After I attended the T5T workshop and learnt The Five Tibetans & Energy Breathing Techniques, Dr. Chen was absolutely astonished at the overall improvement in my Qi (Chee). He asked me to demonstrate the postures and breathing that I had learnt and suggested that due to the astounding changes that had taken place in my body in such a short period of time, that I should continue with the T5T exercises. This together with the acupuncture and meditation I had already commenced were in his opinion, the reason for my rapid recovery."

Testimonial by   Sandy Rowe - Club Manager for over 55's, Vic

Sandy Rowe Testimonial"I have been an instructor of T5T for about 4 weeks now. In this time I have taught 17 elderly people from 60-84 years old - but now young!!! The experience has been so emotional for me to see these people firstly doing the Rites (still Tabletop the hardest for them - but getting stronger) and secondly reaping the rewards.

It may seem trivial to some people however, ladies who have had incontinence, no longer need to wear panty liners etc. as they have discovered their pelvic floor muscles. We often take this for granted however they advise me - their generation were never told about this or never talked about it. The embarrassment, odour and cost were all factors.

Others have been energised and been told how well they look. They are loving all the attention and compliments. How often does a 70 or 80 year old receive compliments? There has also been a marked improvement in their self esteem and posture.

In addition to this, I have had another workshop with 8 people and looking forward to my next workshop with 10 on Saturday. That will be 35 in my first 4 weeks.

I love being able to change the lives of people in such a happy and positive way. Of course some of the people have had a detox affect, which is also terrific and we are working onwards and upwards with them.

I have made so many friends that not only has T5T changed their lives, it has changed mine."

Testimonial by   Jacqueline Dobie - MA Counselling

"I strongly recommend T5T to all seeking freshness of new life and energy. I myself successfully live with managing bronchitis. I found T5T helped my breath no-end. I have not had a chest infection once since I started T5T (in a winter period) normally I would have 4 -5 infections in one year, so far none. I recommend T5T to my clients with stress issues, to assist their breathing, their coping skills and stress management. "

Testimonial by   Terez Maru - Registered T5T® Instructor. Yoga Teacher

T5T Instructor - Terez MaruFor many years I have experienced ringing in the ears (tinnitus). As you can imagine this is very annoying & disorientating. Since I started practicing T5T this has completely disappeared! I am a yoga teacher and a massage therapist and I recommend T5T to all my clients. In fact I have just trained as a Certified T5T Teacher as I can attest to its powerful benefits, physically, mentally and spiritually."

Testimonial by   Kate Hopkins, Registered T5T® Instructor, Reiki I

T5T Instructor - Kate Hopkins"I was introduced to T5T by my sister, at a time in my life when my health had deteriorated. I began practising the rites on a daily basis. As a result, my energy and zest for life began to increase and surpass where I was previously. I started to feel much stronger in body and mind, more centered and at peace. I decided to attend Carolinda's Instructor Training course and haven't looked back since."

Testimonial by   Jillian Naidu - Registered T5T® Instructor, Master Practitioner NLP, Sign Language Interpreter

T5T Instructor - Jillian Naidu"'Prior to discovering T5T I had suffered from long term back pain due to an injury. I had attended physiotherapy, Pilates and hydrotherapy for several years and yet was unable to recover fully from my back weakness. Now not only has my physical strength and flexibility improved greatly, I also find the breathing to be energizing and rejuvenating allowing me to embrace challenges and function at an optimal level. ’T5T is more than a simple and effective combination of exercises. This daily sequence is simple and easy to remember providing me with the vitality, clarity, energy and motivation needed to survive a high powered city existence. "

Testimonial by   Helene Ludwig, BA Hon. MA. Dip. Aromatherapy, Therapeutic Massage, Bowen, NLP, Solution Oriented Hypnotherapy and Counselling, Reiki 1 & 2, Cert. T5T Teacher

T5T Instructor - Helene Ludwig""Fitness and wellbeing have always been important to me. I had been going to the gym and swimming pool for a number of years and, as much as I enjoyed that, I started to feel restricted and stressed by a schedule influenced by avoidance of crowd and traffic. When I heard Carolinda Witt talking about "just 10 minutes a day for health, vitality and wellbeing", I was absolutely delighted and decided to learn T5T. Since then, my lower back has greatly improved, my bowel movement is more regular, my bladder is better controlled. I somewhat get the feeling that my spine is defying gravity!"

Testimonial by   Annabelle Brown. Acupuncture, Remedial Massage & Reiki

"Using the breathing and T5T together is dynamic. T5T works strongly around the lower chakras, strengthening & energising the Hara. To me it is the physical equivalent of Tibetan chanting. T5T has a strong action on the gut dispelling sluggishness and improving digestive function. I believe that the steps and emphasis Carolinda is using to attain good practice of T5T is safe, and provides a simple practice which takes a realistic amount of time.”

Testimonial by   John Clemones - Managing Director - Special Tools & Storage Systems Pty Ltd, Registered T5T Instructor

John Clemones - Registered T5T Instructor"I've been doing T5T every day for the last 3 years. I've lost 7 kilos in weight and it stays off without any additional effort!! I've got so much more energy and I feel better all-round. I am less stressed, happy and able to plan my days better. The stiffness in my fingers is much better - almost non-existent. My friends are always saying how much better I look. "

    Testimonial by    John S from South Australia

"I was diagnosed with mild sleep apnoea 3 weeks before attending my T5T weekend course in December last year. I commenced CPAP therapy a week before my course. I have now been carrying out the full 21 rites for a month after taking the 10 weeks to get there progressively, getting there by adding 2 reps per week. I have found that the combination of CPAP & T5T have certainly helped me to reduce my apnoeas (stopping breathing whilst asleep) from an average of 320 per night to zero occurrences.

The positive impact to my life has been quite amazing as it had been many years since I've woken feeling refreshed & I attribute T5T & its energy breathing methods as a major factor in this change. I am now back to a healthier & more wholesome life & thank Carolinda for sharing this simple but powerful experience with me."

Testimonial by   Sally Walsh (Age: Late 60’s)

"For 6 years I have used “incontinence pads”. For the last 2 weeks since T5T I have had no need for pads. I am in my late 60’s. "
Testimonial by   Greta De Tapia - Interpreter Age 79

"I am now doing 21 of each of the 5 exercises and I find it enjoyable and rewarding to do them every day. It really takes less than 20 minutes to perform them. They improve my physical, emotional and mental health. I feel more relaxed and energetic, even though this sounds like a contradiction of terms, it is a fact."
Testimonial by   Robyn Gilbey - Publicist

"I was in a head-on collision when I was fifteen years old. Four of the seven vertebrae in my neck were affected as a result of the accident. I spent the next twenty plus years visiting, chiropractors, osteopaths, masseurs and physiotherapists on a regular basis to help ease the pain I suffered and the inflexibility of movement.

Over the years I attended yoga and gym lessons in addition to aerobics and power-walking classes to strengthen my body and enable me to keep reasonably fit and manage the pain. Carolinda and I had been friends for many years and when she started The 5 Tibetan yoga, I noticed a significant change in her ability to cope with stress and how she just seemed to be more focused and content. It was enough for me to commit to a class and give it a go.

I have now been practicing T5T for three years and couldn’t imagine my life without this programme. I have increased my overall flexibility and haven’t had a neck problem at all during this time. I rarely visit my Osteopath because there is little need. He was also amazed at the turnaround my body took from doing a small number of exercises over a relatively short period of time. I noticed changes within weeks.

Other benefits for me personally have been to do with the breathing, also taught in the class. I breathe better than I ever have and through that, I have improved my relationship with my family, which includes a calmness I’d not really experienced before. I cannot recommend this programme highly enough, and as it only takes me ten minutes a day, it is hardly a sacrifice of my time. "

Testimonial by   Marija Sutich, Registered T5T Instructor, Business Owner

T5T Instructor - Marija Sutich"I cannot begin to explain how wonderful it was to get back my full mobility in both my neck and back. Doing the 5 Rites has not only made me more supple than I was 10 years ago, I am painfree! (no more cortisone injections for me!) What amazed me was how quickly I began experiencing results. I also believe doing the daily 5 Rites gave me internal strength to help deal with the painful loss of my beloved husband Jim with whom I'd been with since the age of 18. Recently I introduced my sister Elaine to the 5 Rites who has been suffering with painful hips, she too is marvelling at the results she is experiencing after only such a short time."

Testimonial by   Gillian Vale (Age: 7O’s)

"T5T is the first exercise routine that I have enjoyed. I have never been into exercising! I am in my 70’s and have found by doing T5T my sciatic pain, which has been constant for five years has disappeared completely – great!!! I will continue with T5T. "
Testimonial by   Rick Farquharson - Film Maker

"It seems to instantly wake me up in the morning and the dermatitis that I suffer from has almost completely gone. The breathing has really helped me deal with stressful situations and helped me centre myself. "
Testimonial by   Lynda Santich – Pre-School Teacher, Entrepreneur Natural Health Industry, Registered T5T Instructor (& mother of three children)

T5T Instructor - Lynda Santich"My chiropractor recommended that I learn T5T to improve my health. I used to experience a feeling that I couldn't breathe before learning the Energy Breathing method in T5T. The very first moment I started practising it, I felt that I could at last draw a full breath. This was a very rewarding experience for me. Within 3 months of practising T5T I was able to give up my use of Ventolin. My constant neck pain has completely cleared up and I feel stronger physically and mentally than I have for years. Being involved in the health industry has enabled me to seek out many alternatives to improve my health and wellbeing, but none have been as profound as practising T5T daily. The health benefits for me personally have been enormous; increased flexibility, stronger neck, back and abdominals, huge improvements in my breathing patterns, and increased mental clarity and focus. I believe T5T is the perfect complement to any health care system that people may have already chosen. "

Testimonial by   Iain McGregor– IT Sales & Marketing - Sydney

"I did the workshop in a group of 9 at Rozelle this week and last week. 4 of the 9 stated that they had sinus problems at the start of the first session, when we discussed what we wanted from the training. At the session yesterday, ALL 4 stated that they had DRAMATIC sinus improvement in just 7 days. One fellow used to go through 3 handkerchiefs before breakfast. He has not used a handkerchief since last week. More spectacularly, all 9 of us, 5 women and 4 men, who range in age from early 20s to late 60s, are ALL doing T5T daily and the form and technique of EVERYONE is amazing good."
    Testimonial by    Carolyn Tyrer, Natural Health Practitioner from NSW, Australia

..."I have practiced yoga on and off for over thirty years, but more often than not  I find I cannot find the hour or so I need to do a daily practice. What I love about T5T is that it is a very achievable programme to perform daily. Once I start I know I will complete the whole routine within about fifteen minutes. Being a busy working mother I love that I can incorporate this routine in my life.

It is a gratifying way to start the day as it fires up all my engines and makes me mindful of my body. I recently underwent surgery in on my left wrist having a steel plate inserted to screw all my bones back in place. Performing the rites every day has certainly improved the flexibility of my wrist in record breaking time,and also the rest of my body.

I enjoyed the information Carolinda passed on whilst teaching us the rites and her care in making sure we were all in the perfect postures whilst staying mindful to the direction of our breathing."...

    Testimonial by    Yaja Shlep from USA

I need to share with you my experience with the 5 Rites (or 6...). Usually the results in the testimonials are subjective and reflecting the personal feeling or opinion of the practitioner. 
I have empiric results that are quantitative and objective:
Due to my heart condition, my cardiologist have me doing echocardiogram of the heart every 3-6 months. On December 2009 I had a a small degradation with my results so I started to perform the 5 Rites religiously every day with 21 repetitions + warm-up + 10 minutes relaxation.
I did a second echocardiogram a week ago (after 4 months) and I talked with my cardiologist yesterday. He was surprised with the results. For example:
  1. The thickness of the wall of the heart normal values are 6mm - 11mm. On December my measurements were 12mm (above the normal) last week, the measurements were 10mm NORMAL
  2. The  LVIDD Left Ventricular Internal Dimension normal values are 37mm - 56mm.  On December my measurements were 59mm (above the normal) last week, the measurements were 48 mm NORMAL
I was astonished to see such improvement in 4 months and the cardiologist said it is remarkable, especially that I am 55 years young.
Testimonial by   Bratislav Petrovic, Electronics Engineer, Registered T5T instructor, Gita International Diploma of Teaching Hatha Yoga, Reiki master, Inner Peace Meditation Teacher

T5T Instructor - Bratislav Petrovic"I had my ear drum damaged and felt realty dizzy when I had to spin during dancing. Around 4 years ago I learnt The Five Rites. Having done the Rites for a few weeks I went to a park with my kids who persuaded me to go on a swing. I started slowly and discovered that I could once again enjoy the swing and later on to even dance. I’ve been doing the Five Rites daily since then. "

    Testimonial by    Rajendar Menen from Bombay, Author "Karma Sutra - Essays From The Margin", Journalist from Bombay, India

"I have been doing The Five Tibetans for 20 years or so. I have always been athletic and worked out regularly but after starting T5T the changes to my body and soul have been fantastic. I wish to share them and I hope more and more people benefit from T5T.

For one, it takes very little time. You can easily squeeze it into a busy urban executive existence. All you need is 15 minutes a day. You need no equipment, no special clothes, and need very little space. I do it in hotel rooms when I travel. You can also do T5T any time, more than once if you want to every day, as long as you do it on an empty stomach. It becomes a spiritual practice over time. it is easy, inexpensive, thankfully addictive and highly beneficial on all counts. You can't wait to do it the next day.

Two, your body gets incredibly strong. You even get muscular.

Three, all the chakras are optimised and you are radiant and filled with energy. There is no room for depression and loneliness and the feelings of a 'vacuum' that afflicts a lot of mankind.

Four, you automatically hit on 'healthy' food and so your health gets even better.

Five, your heart chakra gets optimised and you get less violent and more loving and kind.

Six, whatever your age (I have shared notes), your sexual energy doesn't dilute. I mention this because this is the age of viagra and sexual enhancement. Why buy expensive and damaging chemicals when T5T does the job?!

Seven, if done slowly and with awareness, T5T leads to great spiritual journeys. You are enveloped by bliss.

Eight, you get more disciplined and your output at work and play multiplies. Life is precious and very short and you realise it and enjoy it more. You also want to share the joys of 'existence'.

I was aiming at a short testimonial!!!

Happy T5Ting. "

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