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Testimonial by   Barry Zworestine. Clinical Psychologist; B.A.(Honours); M.A. Clinical Psychology M.A.P.S; Secondary Teachers Diploma; Diploma in Specialised Education

..."T5T offers a ritual of breathing away the tensions both physically and emotionally, it offers a daily opportunity to stretch and strengthen the body as well as release the issues that we all carry in the moments of living our lives. As part of a process of both physical, emotional and psychological well being I can recommend T5T. It has become a part of my life and a valuable part of both starting my day and creating a sense of well being. T5T bridges the gap between the psychological and the physical and offers an effective and quick exercise ritual that enhances well being, vitality and inner strength. "...

    Testimonial by    Jan Jenson OBDS (Optimal Breathing Specialist) from NC, USA

Jan Jenson"I’ve been one of those “health nuts” since 1968. Back in the mid 80’s I came across an article entitled “The Fountain of Youth” (which I STILL have!) and practiced the Tibetan Rites as brought back from Tibet by Col. Bradford.

I was in my mid-40’s and in EXCELLENT physical shape from working hard all my life, particularly since 1976 when I got into the ironworkers (as a single mom raising a daughter).

After practicing the 7 Tibetan Rites I experienced lower back and neck pains… so I quit doing them so often… and still the pain persisted whenever I DID the exercises – so I stopped!

Fast forward 25 years... I retired from ironworking in 2002 and began working in an office, sitting at a desk 8-12 hours a day. Flabby muscles just don’t get it… so I searched for simple exercises … and ran across the T5T website because of a breathing comment by Mike White (, who trained me as an Optimal Breathing Development Specialist.

I began an email dialogue with Carolinda Witt about T5T, and learned it’s something I tried 20 years earlier, revised and improved to strengthen the back and neck as you do the postures.

I was eager to learn T5T because it’s EASY, EFFECTIVE and only takes 10-15 minutes a day to keep in shape and consistently FEEL GOOD! Carolinda's book makes it so easy to follow and learn - ANYONE can use it. I like the way you start slowly, building strength up gradually and focusing on developing core strength to protect the spine.

To my absolute delight, I discovered I CAN do these exercises. I also like the daily focus on breathing - the explanations in the book are really informative and clear. As a breathing coach, I know how incredibly important it is to breath correctly and Carolinda's method will certainly help most people breathe deeper, slower and fuller.

Starting slowly and building up repetitions helped me gain back physical strength, personal satisfaction and a feeling of well-being and satisfaction with my life once again! It’s wonderful, in my mid-60’s, to find something to be ENTHUSIASTIC about that utilizes much of what I teach in Optimal Breathing.

Everyone from 3 to 103 can learn to stay or get HEALTHY. It’s EASY, inexpensive, FUN and effective!

Testimonial by   Jacqueline Dobie - MA Counselling

"I strongly recommend T5T to all seeking freshness of new life and energy. I myself successfully live with managing bronchitis. I found T5T helped my breath no-end. I have not had a chest infection once since I started T5T (in a winter period) normally I would have 4 -5 infections in one year, so far none. I recommend T5T to my clients with stress issues, to assist their breathing, their coping skills and stress management. "

Testimonial by   Natalie Wareham - Occupational Therapist (BAppSc – OT) & Kinesiologist, Lecturer, Registered T5T Instructor

T5T Instructor - Natalie Wareham"T5T is a simple and invigorating set of exercises which improve physical and mental wellbeing. The very nature of the exercises and the teaching will enable anyone to increase their physical strength and joint mobility. The inclusion of breathing exercises not only assists in the movement of qi and meridian (life) energy but also in stress reduction and quieting the mind. The end result is daily balance and stability – the best combination for health and wellbeing. "

Testimonial by   Jillian Naidu - Registered T5T® Instructor, Master Practitioner NLP, Sign Language Interpreter

T5T Instructor - Jillian Naidu"'Prior to discovering T5T I had suffered from long term back pain due to an injury. I had attended physiotherapy, Pilates and hydrotherapy for several years and yet was unable to recover fully from my back weakness. Now not only has my physical strength and flexibility improved greatly, I also find the breathing to be energizing and rejuvenating allowing me to embrace challenges and function at an optimal level. ’T5T is more than a simple and effective combination of exercises. This daily sequence is simple and easy to remember providing me with the vitality, clarity, energy and motivation needed to survive a high powered city existence. "

    Testimonial by    Brian Fogerty - Airline Pilot from Ireland

..."I am about a month into the T5T program and a quick thank you too you and yours for putting together an excellent package. I work as an Airline pilot and finding the benefits both from core muscle development and breathing exercises."...

Testimonial by   Helen Kelf - Educator & Networker

"More conscious of how I'm breathing, better clarity in thinking and an increase in energy. I feel happier and more positive. Loved the course. "

Testimonial by   Rose Ricketson Age 15

"I find that I have more focus and I don't freak out when I have school exams and stuff and I'd like to say that the breathing I think is very beneficial. "
Testimonial by   Robyn Gilbey - Publicist

"I was in a head-on collision when I was fifteen years old. Four of the seven vertebrae in my neck were affected as a result of the accident. I spent the next twenty plus years visiting, chiropractors, osteopaths, masseurs and physiotherapists on a regular basis to help ease the pain I suffered and the inflexibility of movement.

Over the years I attended yoga and gym lessons in addition to aerobics and power-walking classes to strengthen my body and enable me to keep reasonably fit and manage the pain. Carolinda and I had been friends for many years and when she started The 5 Tibetan yoga, I noticed a significant change in her ability to cope with stress and how she just seemed to be more focused and content. It was enough for me to commit to a class and give it a go.

I have now been practicing T5T for three years and couldn’t imagine my life without this programme. I have increased my overall flexibility and haven’t had a neck problem at all during this time. I rarely visit my Osteopath because there is little need. He was also amazed at the turnaround my body took from doing a small number of exercises over a relatively short period of time. I noticed changes within weeks.

Other benefits for me personally have been to do with the breathing, also taught in the class. I breathe better than I ever have and through that, I have improved my relationship with my family, which includes a calmness I’d not really experienced before. I cannot recommend this programme highly enough, and as it only takes me ten minutes a day, it is hardly a sacrifice of my time. "

Testimonial by   Lynda Santich – Pre-School Teacher, Entrepreneur Natural Health Industry, Registered T5T Instructor (& mother of three children)

T5T Instructor - Lynda Santich"My chiropractor recommended that I learn T5T to improve my health. I used to experience a feeling that I couldn't breathe before learning the Energy Breathing method in T5T. The very first moment I started practising it, I felt that I could at last draw a full breath. This was a very rewarding experience for me. Within 3 months of practising T5T I was able to give up my use of Ventolin. My constant neck pain has completely cleared up and I feel stronger physically and mentally than I have for years. Being involved in the health industry has enabled me to seek out many alternatives to improve my health and wellbeing, but none have been as profound as practising T5T daily. The health benefits for me personally have been enormous; increased flexibility, stronger neck, back and abdominals, huge improvements in my breathing patterns, and increased mental clarity and focus. I believe T5T is the perfect complement to any health care system that people may have already chosen. "

    Testimonial by    Tory Davidson, Registered T5T Instructor, Holistic Kinesiologist, Skin Therapist from Young, NSW, Australia

T5T Instructor - Tory DavidsonAs a Holistic Kinesiologist I encourage visualizations and meditations. I also offer the idetox program within my Clinic. With this procedure my clients are required to be stationary for at least 30 minutes, and so it was a perfect opportunity to incorporate meditation within the treatment. For this I use Carolinda Witt's audio CD, which includes three meditations that focus on the Breath. The response from my clients has been of total relaxation and awareness of the power of the "Healing Breath". They just love it and have commented how wonderful it is to just STOP and BREATHE!!!!!!!!!

    Testimonial by    Michael Grant White, “The Breathing Coach” - Executive Director of and the Optimal Breathing School from NC, USA

Secrets of Optimal Breathing by Michael Grant WhiteBreathing slower, deeper and easier is vital for longevity, health and vitality. I believe that T5T can help most people become more conscious of their breathing. It can also release tension in their breathing, and often gradually expand their breathing capacity as well as slow their breathing rate. T5T will help many people to achieve the above, however there are those who may have an undetected dysfunctional breathing or what I call UDB whose next step would be my Optimal Breathing Techniques."

Testimonial by   Ineke Humphrys

"I love to start my day with T5T exercises and breathing. I then feel expansive, alive and vibrant. I am more easily able to feel the Energy within that Eckhart Tolle talks about. So thank you to Bratislav and my friend Berhadette who told me about it!"

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