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Testimonial by   Leanne Edwards - Yoga Teacher, T5T Instructor & Healer

T5T Instructor - Leanne EdwardsThanks to Carolinda's integrity, thorough research, her life experiences and her ability to share her many gifts I have found my T5T Teacher Training to be one of the most comprehensive units of learning and practice that I have undertaken to date.

I have found that the knowledge gained from my T5T Teacher Training has filled in a number of gaps that I still had with relation to my yoga practice and I now not only have the confidence to share T5T with others but I have also a step-by-step guide on how to promote and mange my new business."

Testimonial by   Sandy Rowe - Club Manager for over 55's, Vic

Sandy Rowe Testimonial"I have been an instructor of T5T for about 4 weeks now. In this time I have taught 17 elderly people from 60-84 years old - but now young!!! The experience has been so emotional for me to see these people firstly doing the Rites (still Tabletop the hardest for them - but getting stronger) and secondly reaping the rewards.

It may seem trivial to some people however, ladies who have had incontinence, no longer need to wear panty liners etc. as they have discovered their pelvic floor muscles. We often take this for granted however they advise me - their generation were never told about this or never talked about it. The embarrassment, odour and cost were all factors.

Others have been energised and been told how well they look. They are loving all the attention and compliments. How often does a 70 or 80 year old receive compliments? There has also been a marked improvement in their self esteem and posture.

In addition to this, I have had another workshop with 8 people and looking forward to my next workshop with 10 on Saturday. That will be 35 in my first 4 weeks.

I love being able to change the lives of people in such a happy and positive way. Of course some of the people have had a detox affect, which is also terrific and we are working onwards and upwards with them.

I have made so many friends that not only has T5T changed their lives, it has changed mine."

Testimonial by   Terez Maru, Massage Therapist, Yoga Teacher, Registered T5T Instructor

T5T Instructor - Terez Maru"I did the Instructor Training in 2005. After discussing T5T with my clients, 30 people immediately booked for private tuition and another 10 were wait listed. These people were delighted to learn T5T as they could do it on their own, at home or in the office - without worrying or feeling guilty about missing out on a yoga class due to lack of time. They now do their T5T daily and continue to attend their regular yoga classes. As a massage therapist, T5T gives me an excellant way to improve my client's overall health, happiness and energy levels. My clients now come to see me just for a relaxing massage, since most of the common pains they were suffering from prior to T5T are no longer a problem for them. The ones who are practicing T5T are also much happier in their lives. It is very rewarding for me to see and be part of these wonderful changes. "

    Testimonial by    Bratislav Petrovic - Electronics Engineer, Registered T5T instructor, Gita International Diploma of Teaching Hatha Yoga, Reiki master, Inner Peace Meditation Teacher. from Melbourne, Victoria

T5T Instructor - Bratislav Petrovic"I did the T5T instructor training in Melbourne at the beginning of February 06. The training was so detailed, practical and very informative. Even though I have been doing and teaching yoga for more than 10 years I learnt a lot from Carolinda about the 5 Rites. The training was so detailed that I feel confident that I could start teaching T5T immediately. Carolinda was so dedicated to teaching us every detail about T5T. We were given excellent notes to take with us.

The business part of the manual is so good and we don't need to spend any time for preparation the necessary documentation for teaching. It is specifically useful for me because English is my second language. I can go now with all that I need to promote the T5T workshops with a peace of mind because everything is done professionally.

Why would a yoga teacher go for this training? Carolinda has done so much research with various practitioners to create the safest program for teaching the 5 Rites. Students do each Rite step by step in order to do them safely and gradually develop muscles which will lift their self esteem. I am confident that many students of T5T would start doing yoga when they reach 21 repetitions of each Rite. Many of them probably would have never considered doing yoga before.

Each T5T instructor can have access to the T5T web page to advertise the workshops and get more students. Carolinda is there to help us if we need her."

Testimonial by   Tory Davidson - Registered T5T Instructor, Holistic Kinesiologist

T5T Instructor - Tory Davidson"Having practiced T5T for some years, I knew I finally had to share it with others, so I enrolled into the Instructor training course.

The venue was perfect at Narrabeen with its tranquil scenery on the Lakes edge.

The Instructors course was comprehensive, with ample detail given to precautions and the gradual progression of each pose.

Carolinda’s knowledge and ethical integrity was an inspiration, she was very focused on our performance and gave productive evaluation throughout the course.

The class was filled with laughter, and it was a joy to be in the same space as like minded people.

At the completion of the course I was so impressed at the entirety of education I had gained, and felt competent to Instruct T5T in my country district.

I would recommend it to any one who is willing to share the rejuvenating powers of T5T and Energy Breathing Program.

Empowering people to control their own life by creating balance and wellbeing!"

Testimonial by   Kate Hopkins, Registered T5T® Instructor, Reiki I

T5T Instructor - Kate Hopkins"I was introduced to T5T by my sister, at a time in my life when my health had deteriorated. I began practising the rites on a daily basis. As a result, my energy and zest for life began to increase and surpass where I was previously. I started to feel much stronger in body and mind, more centered and at peace. I decided to attend Carolinda's Instructor Training course and haven't looked back since."

    Testimonial by    Susan Jenson, Satyananda Yoga Teacher, Registered T5T Instructor, Nurse from Victoria

"I am currently studying as a student teacher of Satyananda Yoga. This is a 3 year diploma which I will complete in 2007. I recently attended Carolinda Witt’s wonderful T5T teacher training course in Melbourne. The ‘Five Tibetan Rites of Rejuvenation’ is a practice I stumbled upon two and a half years ago and have been practicing ever since as part of my daily morning yoga practice. Because of the profound benefits I have gained personally from this ancient practice I felt it was something I would like to share with as many other people as possible. I believe as with all yoga teachings that this would benefit everyone.

I found the teacher training course to be very comprehensive, well paced and professional. The learning atmosphere was relaxed and firm friendships have been established amongst those who attended the nine day course. We learned some fundamentals of anatomy and physiology of the musculoskeletal system including the unchangeable physical factors which may prevent an individual from assuming a particular posture to its fullest physical extent. There was a strong emphasis on the importance of training the core stability muscles for protection of the spine during the postures.

The Rites are taught in a workshop format where clients learn each practice in safe, manageable steps. The course also includes breathing and relaxation practices. Carolinda has included a comprehensive business management component which covers all facets of running the T5T workshops after accreditation. I highly recommend this course to any Yoga teacher or practitioner as part of your personal journey of discovery as well as an opportunity to truly enhance the lives of others"

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