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    Testimonial by    Jan Jenson OBDS (Optimal Breathing Specialist) from NC, USA

Jan Jenson"I’ve been one of those “health nuts” since 1968. Back in the mid 80’s I came across an article entitled “The Fountain of Youth” (which I STILL have!) and practiced the Tibetan Rites as brought back from Tibet by Col. Bradford.

I was in my mid-40’s and in EXCELLENT physical shape from working hard all my life, particularly since 1976 when I got into the ironworkers (as a single mom raising a daughter).

After practicing the 7 Tibetan Rites I experienced lower back and neck pains… so I quit doing them so often… and still the pain persisted whenever I DID the exercises – so I stopped!

Fast forward 25 years... I retired from ironworking in 2002 and began working in an office, sitting at a desk 8-12 hours a day. Flabby muscles just don’t get it… so I searched for simple exercises … and ran across the T5T website because of a breathing comment by Mike White (, who trained me as an Optimal Breathing Development Specialist.

I began an email dialogue with Carolinda Witt about T5T, and learned it’s something I tried 20 years earlier, revised and improved to strengthen the back and neck as you do the postures.

I was eager to learn T5T because it’s EASY, EFFECTIVE and only takes 10-15 minutes a day to keep in shape and consistently FEEL GOOD! Carolinda's book makes it so easy to follow and learn - ANYONE can use it. I like the way you start slowly, building strength up gradually and focusing on developing core strength to protect the spine.

To my absolute delight, I discovered I CAN do these exercises. I also like the daily focus on breathing - the explanations in the book are really informative and clear. As a breathing coach, I know how incredibly important it is to breath correctly and Carolinda's method will certainly help most people breathe deeper, slower and fuller.

Starting slowly and building up repetitions helped me gain back physical strength, personal satisfaction and a feeling of well-being and satisfaction with my life once again! It’s wonderful, in my mid-60’s, to find something to be ENTHUSIASTIC about that utilizes much of what I teach in Optimal Breathing.

Everyone from 3 to 103 can learn to stay or get HEALTHY. It’s EASY, inexpensive, FUN and effective!

Testimonial by   Libby Weston – Yoga & Pilates Teacher, Business Owner & Registered T5T Instructor

T5T Instructor - Libby Weston"As a teacher of Yoga/Pilates and studio owner, I was very thankful to learn that Carolinda had developed her T5T Five Tibetan Rites & Energy Breathing Program. I had discovered the benefits of the ‘Rites' some years ago and had personally been practicing the 'original rites' as part of my own daily practice for many years. As a teacher and business owner I rarely found time to attend class to nurture the 'Rites' were perfect.

Over time I endeavoured to share the principals of 'the Rites' with clients - however, I struggled with effectively communicating the fundamentals to them, particularly as many carried injuries or had physical of emotional challenges. When I discovered Carolinda’s T5T program I was relieved, as it took all the worry out of safely, effectively and systematically delivering the principals in a professional but easy, duplicatible, 'step-by-step' format.

T5T allowed the absolute beginner to my advanced client to discover the rejuvenating benefits of the 'Rites' in just one workshop!

From a business perspective by being affiliated with T5T and receiving client referrals, I have not only generated another source of income, but have grown also my own studio client base...with many T5T clients becoming motivated to participate in other classes. I feel assured that I am delivering a quality program, with professional 'take home' and support material...that is backed by a 100% money back guarantee.

I would highly recommend T5T to any yoga/pilates teacher who is wanting to either increase their income and client base or provide a 'value add' to their existing clients. "

Testimonial by   Yvette Keddie - Yoga Teacher - http://www.yoginisy

Yvette Keddie's logo

"Some of us may think this is simply Yoga. Now, through my experience, unless you thoroughly understand the steps to each rite you can cause injury. There a lot of do’s and don’ts - which all makes a huge difference to practicing the rites. The stages of preparation are most important and of course the breathing technique is a key factor in obtaining best results. Carolinda’s CD is brilliant and each morning, when I first began practicing, I couldn’t wait to put it on. It is extremely thorough and professional. I now have great respect for the rites, and when you learn them properly so will you. A wonderful way to begin each day. Thank you so much Carolinda "

Testimonial by   Averil Coe

" The T5T is going very well. I am taking it very slowly and just doing what my body is ready for. I am now up to 7 reps of each rite though some are still fairly modified. Because I have done so much of this sort of thing over the years it is very easy to get into the routine. I get up 10 minutes earlier each week day and shower and then do the warm up and the rites. Already I am noticing a difference in my energy levels - both physically and emotionally which is very exciting - given that I am spending so little time on the activities.

I think the biggest thing for me with the T5T program is that it has given me permission to take things in very small increments and to also radically modify the positions to allow for various current body weaknesses, whilst still being able to maintain the overall integrity of the Rites. Before I felt like I had to climb a huge mountain with a weak and unprepared body which was very discouraging. I also realize and appreciate all the yoga and other spiritual practice that I have done in the past - so much of it naturally comes into play now that I am doing the T5T.

I have started taking my small yoga group again and had a very interesting experience - the first day I found that (naturally) my body was more limber and flexible and I did quite a thorough session - felt great. But the next day I felt dreadful. Naturally as I feel more energized I am tending to take a bit better care of myself - eating well, incorporating flax seed oil into my diet, taking the natural calcium supplement etc. "

    Testimonial by    Added Anonymously to our Website from USA

I started with Peter Kelder's book, "Ancient Secret of The Fountain of Youth" in the early 1990's doing the Five Rites. I did notice that there was no mention of what to do about pre-existing physical conditions and certainly no mention of strengthening one's core and protecting one's spine.

Shortly thereafter, I found a book by Christopher S. Kilham entitled "The Five Tibetans--Five Dynamic Exercises for Health, Energy and Personal Power." Certainly way more comprehensive in explaining about the body; the mind; breathing; chakras and the how, when and where to practice. But in the end, it too came up a bit short. I stuck with it for a few months but it didn' t quite grab me.

Fast-forward to the summer of 2009 and I have a yen to get back to it. In ten weeks, I got back up to the prescribed twenty-one repetitions per rite everyday. Then it dawned on me to check the Internet just to see what was out there, where I discovered T5T! I really like your totally comprehensive approach and the beginner-intermediate-advanced format. I especially like your emphasis on core stabilization and strengthening. That alone has been a tremendous boost to my routine. Thanks very much for an excellent program!

    Testimonial by    Carolyn Tyrer, Natural Health Practitioner from NSW, Australia

..."I have practiced yoga on and off for over thirty years, but more often than not  I find I cannot find the hour or so I need to do a daily practice. What I love about T5T is that it is a very achievable programme to perform daily. Once I start I know I will complete the whole routine within about fifteen minutes. Being a busy working mother I love that I can incorporate this routine in my life.

It is a gratifying way to start the day as it fires up all my engines and makes me mindful of my body. I recently underwent surgery in on my left wrist having a steel plate inserted to screw all my bones back in place. Performing the rites every day has certainly improved the flexibility of my wrist in record breaking time,and also the rest of my body.

I enjoyed the information Carolinda passed on whilst teaching us the rites and her care in making sure we were all in the perfect postures whilst staying mindful to the direction of our breathing."...

    Testimonial by    Susie Lapin - Physiotherapist from Sydney, Australia

"Users of this book will build up strength and flexibility if they follow Carolinda’s graded step to step plan – with mastery of each stage an essential goal before moving on to the next level of difficulty. The sections on breathing and core stability are a vital part of this program. The instructions are very clear and the use of many photographs makes this book easy to follow and a pleasure to use. "

Testimonial by   Libby Ross - Registered Osteopath & Registered T5T Instructor

T5T Instructor - Libby Ross‘As an osteopath I was looking for an exercise routine that incorporated mind, body and spirit - something that was going to give me energy, strength and flexibility. I spend a lot of time bending over a bench and need good core stability to support my lower back, and T5T has given me this. As an osteopath I see many people injure themselves doing exercise they are not in condition for. However, what I like about T5T is that it is a gradual step by step program, taught safely and under close supervision. This enables gradual strength, flexibility, and core stability to develop - thereby minimising the risk of injury. The breathing and relaxation techniques compliment the rites and provide a solid platform for increased body and mind connection. These benefits combined with the ancient wisdom make T5T a powerful daily ritual and I recommend it to all my patients and anyone who wants improved health and vitality.’

Testimonial by   Anni Casey - Accredited Natural Therapist, Massage, Meditation, Kinesiology

"I attended a workshop to learn the 5 Tibetan Rites and the teacher rushed through the Rites without giving consideration to technique or to performing the Rites safely. I was disappointed as I learnt nothing and therefore wasted my money. Not giving up hope, I searched the Web for books or DVD’s on the Rites. Fortunately I found Carolinda Witt’s T5T. The book is beautifully presented with a complete explanation of the background to the 5 Tibetan Rites and detailed pictures of each Rite broken down into steps. All the safety aspects and different fitness levels are addressed. I have found the companion DVD wonderful as it guides you through each week so that you flow naturally to the next level. If you are looking to learn the 5 Tibetan Rites, look no further – this is everything you need to gain an understanding of the Rites and perform them effectively. "

    Testimonial by    Anita Revel - Author of "The Goddess Diet" & "The 7 Day Chakra Workout" from WA, Australia

..."I first met the author, Carolinda Witt, in 2005 when she introduced me to the "5 Tibetans". At thetime I was sleeping badly, feeling sluggish and not enjoying life at all. I was immediately impressed with Carolinda's caring attitude and willingness to show me the five simple moves that would change my life. Carolinda was very thorough in teaching the movements correctly, which are beautifully presented in the book and poster. I am forever grateful for having been introduced to the T5T program, and absolutely recommend the book, poster and CD."...

Testimonial by   Amanda Hampson, bestselling author of "The Olive Sisters"

Olive Sisters by Amanda HampsonI've been interested in the Five Tibetans for some time and tried to learn it via youtube demos etc but was always concerned that I didn't really know what I was doing or why or if it was correct.

This book provides the full story (finally!) and is destined to become the bible of the Tibetan practice because it gives you everything you'll ever need to know. Looks good too!

Testimonial by   Anita Boser - author of "Relieve Stiffness and Feel Young Again with Undulation"

Relieve Stiffness and Feel Young Again with Undulation by Anita Boser "When I read the Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth years ago I was intrigued by the incredible results that readers achieved.  However, the exercises were too difficult for me and I hurt my shoulder doing the fourth and fifth ones.  Fast forward five years and I come across T5T: The 10-Minute Rejuvenation Plan.  From day one, I was able to follow the plan from the book and do the exercises every day.  I feel great!

Not only does the author break the exercises into steps that reduce the risk of injury, she includes core strength and breathing exercises that make the movements accessible to people who live in an industrial society.  After all, we don't have the lifestyle of Tibetan monks.  I also like the warm up exercises in the book, which help me prepare for hiking and jogging.

While these are exercises for the body and they do add strength and flexibility, the biggest impact is on my energy level. I get a sense of jubilation and feeling of being carefree that lasts through the day.

I highly recommend this book for people of all activity levels.  If you are too tired, this plan will give you energy.  If you already are active, this is a wonderful complement to any exercise program. "...

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