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Before You Begin Benefits - Five Tibetan Rites
Practice & Health Questions Historical Information
Breathing With The 5 Rites Tibetan Rite No 1 - The Spin
5th Rite - Pendulum The 6th Rite
Anti-Aging Diet, Mantra

Has Anyone Discovered Any History Or Proof Of The Origins of "The Five Tibetan Rites of Rejuvenation?" Could it be Fiction?


Gyuto Monk is unlikely we will ever find the original developers of The Five Tibetan Rites of Rejuvenation. When China invaded Tibet, in the 1950's, they destroyed numerous monasteries, ancient spiritual texts and sacred images, and with it the chance of discovering the true source of the Rites. Out of 6,259 monasteries and nunneries in the whole of Tibet, only eight remain undestroyed. (Source: Dept of Culture & Religion, Tibetan Government-In-Exile).

However, research continues to be carried out by a number of people using Tibetan & Indian texts; some of which date back 2,500 years.  Another researcher; antiquarian book dealer Jerry Watt has focused on tracking down the limited clues contained in the original book Download Here In particular those clues that relate to the protagonist in the book "Colonel Bradford" - and the author Peter Kelder. 

The overall feeling of the above-mentioned researchers including myself is that they are real. The benefits that are described in the book are exactly what people achieve, regardless of whether they know (or believe) the story or not!

I believe there was an original & very knowledgeable teacher who imparted this information to the retired British Army Officer (Colonel Bradford) mentioned in the book.   The order of the movements are well-sequenced in yogic terms to produce the energising & mood uplifting effects on the body that they are so well-renowned for.  For example: The Spin is a 'standing pose' which promotes emotional stability & strength.  The Kneeling Backbend elevates mood, reduces depression and anxiety - and the last pose (downward/upward dog) is an inversion which increases energy; engenders equanimity and a sense of well-being.  Read More...

More information is coming to light all the time - so if this interests you - subscribe to our Newsletter to ensure you receive all the latest updates.

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Do the Five Tibetan Rites help you loose weight?

Five Tibetans Article (T5T) Slimming & Health (image copyright the many years I've been teaching the Rites, I have noticed the following trends when it comes to losing weight. One thing for sure, is that there is no "one-size fits all" answer to this question.  Experience ranges from brilliant like the Testimonial below to the various changes you can see itimized in bullet points below

..."Wow, I just had to let you know how T5T is affecting me. As you saw and heard tabletop gave me quite a challenge in the past. I have grown much stronger and today for the very first time, table top was a joy, and best of all, my abs were FLAT like a tabletop instead of all blowed out like before! I was really able to suck in my abs, as per instructions, and BREATH freely and easily completing the entire routine strong and in total control. I was so excited!!! I am looking at T5T in a whole new way, and totally believe in the inside changes long before the external changes show up. I have lost 4 inches around my body in each area bust, waist, hips, 4-6 more to go! Go T5T."...Ruby Morin USA

  • People who have been doing very little exercise prior to learning the Rites: If people in this group are going to lose weight – they seem to lose it quickly in the initial stages and then manage to keep it off
  • Others who have consistently done moderate amounts of exercise before learning the Rites - also lose weight but not as much as the first group
  • Some people don't lose weight, but soon notice that their stomachs are firmer & flatter due to the core exercises incorporated into the Rites in the T5T® method.  Their upper arms look less flabby & toned as do their thighs & buttocks. This gives the appearance of weight loss and makes them feel better!
  • Doing the T5T® method with its focus on correct posture, means you develop the correct muscles to help you stand tall – not slumped.  Once again this gives the appearance of weight loss
  • Most people find it easier to maintain their weight or keep the weight off when practicing the Rites
  • Reduction in craving for 'junk' food. It is a very common experience for people to start naturally changing their dietary habits. It seems to be that they feel 'cleaner' on the inside and have a natural desire to eat healthier foods.
  • Doing T5T daily takes self-discipline. After a while, people find they become more self-disciplined in other areas of their lives. This is of great benefit to anyone undertaking a weight loss program.
  • As people's energy levels rise, they are more motivated to take up other forms of exercise like walking or gym work etc. They also start doing tasks that they have been putting off for years - like doing the garden, spring-cleaning the house, clearing out garages etc! They become more active generally and this would contribute to weight loss

The Rites are said to work by stimulating the major hormonal glands of the body. Around menopause many women tend to put on weight. My own experience and that of many other women I have spoken to, is that  Read More...

T5T® takes just 10 mins per day once learnt. It’s quick, powerful and effective. You don’t need to travel anywhere. You can do it:

  • At home
  • At the office
  • In the park
  • Whilst travelling - Some people do it on the aeroplane – others have done it on the Great Wall of China, and on a glacier!  I prefer my lounge floor!
  • On the beach (sand gets all churned up though, so it is best to find a level, firm surface)

It's fun. You don’t need any special equipment:  Wear what you like, no-one can see you unless you do it publicly!

You can do it at a time that suits you and it won’t keep on costing you money. Once you have learnt T5T® – it is yours for life.

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