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T5T® has been featured in numerous Magazines, Newspapers, TV Shows & Radio Programs.  Please click on the images or the list below.

The Five Tibetans (T5T® ) reviewed in Vogue Dec 05      The Five Tibetans (T5T® ) reviewed in Natural Health USA Sept 07   The Five Tibetans (T5T® ) Article in Slimming Magazine   

The Five Tibetans (T5T® ) Article Who Magazine           <  



Deepak Chopra's Newsletter                  Mind Body Spirit Festival                AOL Health - That's Fit                                                                                                                                     

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AOL Health - That's Fit - "Get More Energy: Five Tibetan Rites"
Get More Energy: Five Tibetan Rites - AOL Health - That's Fit by Holly St Lifer

Natural Health Magazine USA
Natural Health Magazine USA - 8th September 2008

Fast Living Slow Aging Book
Fast Living Slow Aging Book - How To Age Less. Look Great. Live Longer. Get More

Vogue Australia
Vogue Australia December 2005

Quantas In-Flight Magazine
Quantas In-Flight Magazine - Wellbeing - 6th Feb 2006

Sunday Life Magazine
Sunday Life Magazine 8th Jan 2005

Slimming & Health Magazine
Slimming & Health Magazine 6th May 2006

Family Circle Xmas
Family Circle Xmas - Xmas 2005

WHO Magazine
WHO Magazine - The Rite Stuff - December 12th 2005

Body & Soul Magazine
Body & Soul - Sunday Telegraph - 18th September 2005

Nature & Health Magazine
Nature & Health Magazine -April/May 2006

New Connexion Magazine
New Connexion Magazine- Oregon USA - July 07

Gulf News Friday Magazine
Gulf News Friday Magazine - 15 Jul 2007

Deepak Chopra's Newsletter "Namaste"
Deepak Chopra's "Namaste" Newsletter May 2007

Indianapolis Star
Indianapolis Star October 2008

Sunday Telegraph - Body & Soul
Sunday Telegraph - Body & Soul Magazine - 20th April 2003

A to Zen Magazine
A to Zen Magazine - 5th October 2005

Alaska Fitness Clubs "Five Alive"
Alaska Fitness Clubs "Five Alive" - 1st April 2006

Notebook Magazine
Notebook Magazine - 6th May 2006

Virgin Blue/Pacific Voyeur Magazine
Virgin Blue/Pacific Voyeur Magazine - 5th December 2005

UltraFit Magazine
UltraFit Magazine: 5 Tibetan Rites for Energy, STRENGTH & lasting Power

Mind Body Spirit Festival - Seminars & Workshops
Mind Body Spirit Festival - Seminars & Workshops 2005, 2006, 2007

Mountain Valley Living Magazine
ANCIENT SECRET BOASTS FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH Discover the secrets of the Himalayan Monks. Five simple exercises that could change your lifeÖ

Yoga Expo 2007
Yoga Expo 14th October 2007

Yoga In Australia Landmark Survey
Yoga In Australia Survey - 14th October 05

P3 Power Boost Magazine USA
P3 Power Boost Magazine USA - 7th August 2007

Northern Beaches Weekender Magazine
Northern Beaches Weekender Magazine - 1st December 2005

The Free Lance-Star - Fredericksburg, VA
The Free Lance-Star - Fredericksburg, VA - 25th March 2007 - 1st January 2005

The Gold Coast Bulletin
The Gold Coast Bulletin - 26th October 2005

Life Weekly Gold Coast
Life Weekly Gold Coast - 17th November 2005

Manly Daily Newspaper
Manly Daily Newspaper Editorial - The Five Tibetans - 1st November 2003

Pittwater Life Magazine
Pittwater Life Magazine - 1st October 2005

Cunnane Agency Authors
Cunnane Agency Authors

Undulation Exercises Blog by Anita Boser
<< AOL Health - That's Fit - "Get More Energy: Five Tibetan Rites" < Back to List > AOL Health - That's Fit - "Get More Energy: Five Tibetan Rites" >>
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