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What Results Can I Expect?

Five Tibetans 3rd Rite - Kneeling Backbend (copyright

  ..."T5T is simple, practical, effective and certainly mind/body altering. If you would love to become rejuvenated, remain calm, feel more vitality, be more flexible and simply look your absolute best, then now there is a new way to experience a greater state of wellbeing that takes just minutes a day, but lasts a lifetime." ... Dr. John F. Demartini - Teacher in "The Secret Movie"  - Bestselling author of The Breakthrough Experience - A Revolutionary New Approach to Personal Transformation 

Here's what you can expect from practising The 5 Rites

When you make T5T part of your daily practice, your health improves & your level of energy increases dramatically. You have a renewed ability to deal with stress & your buttons don’t get pushed as easily. Your body starts to become more flexible.

Your mind does too. You feel focused, purposeful and more positive. You are able to live more fully in the present moment instead of rushing for some imagined future event. This increased awareness makes for a happier, more fulfilling life .Your whole quality of life improves. It is that simple.

The beauty of the T5T program is that virtually anyone can do it regardless of age or fitness. Even if you have done yoga before, you will still find benefit from T5T. It is a brilliant daily routine that can only enhance your existing practice.

For those that haven’t done yoga before -The Five Tibetans (T5T) is a great entry point. It is easy to learn and to remember. People from 12 to 80 years old have learnt T5T with us and all have achieved the same benefits as outlined on this page.

 Most people experience varying degrees of one or more of the following benefits:

  • A significant increase in energy - more the endurance type of energy as opposed to the revved up caffeine type of energy. You feel like you can keep going and going.
  • Feel calmer and less stressed - your buttons simply don't get pushed as easily anymore.
  • Develop significant mental clarity with a razor sharp focus.
  • Feel stronger, more flexible and less stiff
  • Enjoy seeing muscles appear on your arms, stomachs, hips, legs and backs. Good for toning flabby arms and tightening the abdomen
  • Sleep better. Some people have more vivid dreams
  • Overall improvement in your health, don't seem to catch colds etc as often
  • Helps with depression and anxiety - lifts mood and improves well-being
  • More centered and at peace
  • Improved self discipline and sense of purpose
  • Feel younger and more powerful
  • Improved breathing - deeper, slower & more conscious
  • Increased levels of Qi (chi, ki, prana, life-energy)
  • Better posture
  • Develops good core strength, which provides a strong foundation for any other form of exercise or modern living
  • Some people lose weight, most find it easier to control weight and desire healthier foods
  • Improved digestion and elimination
  • Helps with the transition and symptoms of menopause
  • Helps with the symptoms of menstruation
  • Improved libido

. .."The monks found this routine to be a key to their age-defying vitality and inner fulfilment"... Natural Health Magazine (USA) – Sept 08

 ..."I have practiced yoga for many years, but after having my third child I needed some exercise that would put me back in shape and that took as little time as possible to do! T5T has been exactly what I needed. It is so simple, and yet so powerful in its effect.'... Susan Hayward, bestselling author of A Guide for the Advanced Soul

BEGIN NOW!  Increase Your Vitality & Health - Reduce Stress, Focus Your Mind & Strengthen Your Body 

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