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The Five Tibetan Rites originated in Tibet and have always been linked to longevity and sustained energy. They were brought to the West by someone called Colonel Bradford, who lived in Tibet in the early 1900's and the first book published in the west on the topic was in 1939
by Peter Kelder.

They are quite simply 5 exercises to be performed everyday, the Sufi technique of whirling and 4 Yoga poses. They are performed in a certain sequence and each rite is performed 21 times using a specific breathing technique.  The number 21 is considered sacred by many traditions.

What the author of T5T, Carolinda Witt noticed when she was attending Tibetan Rite classes was that while some people saw amazing results, others were either tiring or experiencing pain.  So she developed T5T, a version blended with the ancient and modern methods of the Five Tibetan Rites.  T5T offers a gradual lead into the Rites.  There is quite a detailed introduction to each pose with ways to work into each of them gradually and safely as well as suggestions about how to work up to the 21 repetitions.

The promised results of performing these Rites everyday range from youthfulness, increased energy levels and relaxation to better health all round.  Available in bookstores and some healthfood stores

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