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Learn/Teach The Five Tibetans
Learn T5T "The Five Tibetan Rites"
Learn T5T "The Five Tibetan Rites"
You can learn T5T at home with the T5T books & DVD - or during a private session with one of our Registered T5T Instructors. Alternatively you can learn T5T through workshops (both public and private) as well as at your Corporate Workplace. There is a wide range of choice to suit your individual requirements.
Teach T5T - Become a "Five Tibetans Teacher"
Teach T5T - Become a "Five Tibetans Teacher"
T5T is rapidly growing and we need qualified instructors all over the world. We also need teachers who are interested in developing their skills to become Master Trainers so they can teach other teachers. We have a Distance Education Method and run 4 day, on-site Teacher Training Programs.
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General Practice & Health Info (4)
6th Rite - Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth (1)
Peter Kelder, Rites History & Research (8)
The Eye of Revelation, Chakras, Energy (1)
Longevity, Anti-Aging Diet, Mantras (4)
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