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Stop stress on the spot Office politics? Difficult clients? Queue rage? Carolinda Witt, author of T5T: The Five Tibetan Exercise Rites, suggests you spend a few minutes slow breathing any time you feel stressed, concentrating more on the exhalation than on the inhalation. First, slowly breathe out through the nose to empty the lungs. Aim to double the length of your usual exhalation but don't struggle. Then pause for a second or two. Slowly breathe in through the nose, using the diaphragm as your primary breathing muscle. As you breathe in, the belly should slightly expand outwards, the ribs expand sideways and the collarbone lift slightly of its own accord.

Spin for energy This is known as Tibetan caffeine, says Carolinda Witt: spinning for a natural high if you're feeling low. You'll want to spin in a small circle rather than lose control. Place your arms out like wings - or bend them slightly if you're short of space - with the palms face down. Spin in a clockwise direction and relax your eyes. Remember to breathe normally through your nose. Witt advises you start with three spins a day and build up. Spin no more than 21 times, she says; it's a "mystical" number, beyond which there is a "reverse effect".

Prevent a dowager's hump Here's a back stretch that's good for reducing tension between the shoulder blades and correcting posture, says Carolinda Witt. Sit on a chair facing the backrest, with your arms behind you and your hands grabbing the chair base. Point your chin towards your chest. Pull your navel towards your spine, which you should maintain throughout the movement for core stability. While breathing in, lift your breastbone upwards, without puffing out your ribs, and smoothly arch your head and torso backwards. Keep your neck long and strong. Squeeze your shoulder blades together and focus on expanding the front of your chest. Then, while breathing out, reverse the movement smoothly back to your starting position, bringing the chin back towards your chest. Begin with three backbends per day and build up to 21.

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